6eme sens

Some of our exceptional events

VIC Treatment during Paris Fashion Week

Organisation of the personal hospitality programs for luxury brand VICs during the Paris Fashion Week.

Personalized schedules # flight bookings # private car and drivers bookings # private visits # restaurants and hotels bookings.
Escorting and premium service during their trip


Seminary in Bordeaux

French Retreat for the International Bar Association, 90 lawyers for 3 days @ Bordeaux.

Discover trip with e-bikes in the St Emilion vineyards # Private Cruise on la Garonne # Exceptional diner at the Bordeaux Opera in private with exclusiv acces to the secret rooms.


Exceptional seminar in Marrakech

Seminar of a great fine jewelry brand @Marrakech.

100 guests #5 immersion day at the bottom of the Atlas mountains #dinner in the middle of the desert #Gala dinner in a secret villa in the medina.


Jeweler's dinner at a Parisien gallery owner

Exceptional dinner @private apartment of a famous Parisian gallery owner.

When an art collection meets a jewelry collection.

Exhibition of the jewelry collection #art collection of the gallery #private dinner with a chef in the presence of the gallery owner.

50 VVIP guests of a great fine jewelry brand.



Séminar in the desert

Chaumet Seminar @ Dubai & Abu Dhabi # 130 pers

Private visit of the mosquee & Arabian night @ ephemeral nomad camp in the Desert of Dubai.

Exceptional dinner at the Bibliothèque Richelieu

Repossi 50 clients VVIP # confidential jewlery collection

exceptional dinner @ Bibliothèque nationale de france Richelieu 

Private visit of the Library, acces to the authentic documents and manuscripts



Timeless journey in an old steam train

Cartier 100 VIP clients 

# Old steam train journey - legendary @ london and thames area

2 Michelin's stars lunch @ Raymond Blanc

Opéra # Lucy Crowe

Vintage photography

Confidential dinner on Place des Vosges

Repossi 30 VVIP guests # confidential jewlery collection

exceptional dinner # Chef Jean Imbert @ private appartment on place des Vosges

spectacular art work collection

Seminar in Roma

Séminar for Chaumet @ Roma # 130 pers

# Stage design plenary session # Private visit and gala dinner @ Villa Medicis # Out of time

Week-end in Corsica

Lawyer's seminar @ Ajaccio # 100 pers

Apéritif on speed boats @ desert beach # exclusiv

Treaking and picnic chic in the moutains @ private windmill # exceptionnal

Party @ private villa # middle of corsican scrub # Tzaccastrada's concert # unforgettable


Oriental party in the Marrakech desert

Dinner and Party for the Boston Consulting Group @ desert of Marrakech # 120 pers

Gala table on the desert # 1000 candles

Whirling dervish show, jugglers and fire breathers

# unique moment # memorable

Séminar in the spanish's desert

Seminar lawyers @ Biarritz and Bardenas desert # 60 pers
# Private party @ Biarritz market # Quad riding and picnic @ mountain # desert
# Dinner in an arena # bullfights demonstration

Sunday with the familly

Sunday with the familly # Canal + Régie @ Chalet des îles # 300 pers

150 kids @ games and art’s work shops, make up,

150 parents @ pétanque tournament

Inspiring week-end in Scottland

Chanel Seminar @ Scottland # 12 pers

# Visit and tasting @ private distillery # working sessions @ private lake # picnic under a berber tent - magic @ middle of the highlands - spectacular # exclusive dinner@ Glamis Castle

Séminar in Trouville

Chanel Seminar @ Cures Marines Trouville # 200 pers

# Picnic chic @ Touque’s bridge in private # Party @ private beach.

Week-end in Burgundy

Week-end Chaumet @ Bourgogne # 14 pers

Private visit & prestigious wine tasting @ Château Clos Vougeot # Private lunch @ Clos des Lambrays # picnic chic in the vineyards @ Georges Blanc

Mythic week-end in Paris

Chaumet VIP # 20 persons # Private diner @ Château de Versailles # VIP evening @ Château de Napoléon # lunch @ historic Grand Véfour Palais Royal